Utter Joy

The FREUDENHAUS Accessories Department is located on the upper floor of our main branch. This is where we display our leading brands with spectacular lighting. This department is a must-see. Once you’ve been, you will know why we call the experience an utter joy.

Accessories – Utter JOY

A clear view and warm hands, too: it all adds up to JOY out of doors. Your top half and bottom half will be thoroughly comfortable, in snow, cold, sun or wind. Our indispensable Winter Basics have real personality and will complete your look. Shoes, goggles, caps, gloves, base layers, scarves or socks – we love winter in Obertauern.

A world of brands

Accessoires at Freudenhaus Obertauern

Atomic Freudenhaus
Fire + Ice Freudenhaus
Bogner Freudenhaus
Alphatauri Freudenhaus
Drykorn Freudenhaus
Indigo Freudenhaus
Moncler Freudenhaus
Völkl Freudenhaus
UGG Freudenhaus
Odlo Freudenhaus
SOS Freudenhaus
Peak Performance Freudenhaus
Komperdell Freudenhaus
Moon Boot Freudenhaus
Barts Freudenhaus
Aztech Logo
Goldbergh Freudenhaus Obertauern
J Lindeberg Freudenhaus
Norrona Freudenhaus
Toni Sailer Freudenhaus
On Freudenhaus
Sorel Freudenhaus
Martini Freudenhaus
Pajar Freudenhaus Obertauern
Ray Ban Freudenhaus Obertauern
Oakley Freudenhaus
Hestra Freudenhaus Obertauern
Reusch Freudenhaus
UYN Freudenhaus Obertauern
POC Freudenhaus Obertauern
Smith Freudenhaus Obertauern
Casco Freudenhaus
Salomon Freudenhaus Obertauern
K2 Skis